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Maliyadeva Balika Vidyalaya takes great pride in offering a diverse range of clubs and societies that cater to the varied interests and talents of its students. These clubs and societies provide a platform for students to explore their passions, develop new skills, and engage in extracurricular activities beyond their academic pursuits. The school recognizes the importance of holistic education and believes that these clubs and societies play a vital role in fostering personal growth, teamwork, leadership, and a sense of belonging among the students.

Overall, the clubs and societies at Maliyadeva Balika Vidyalaya offer students a wide range of opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and community engagement. These extracurricular activities enhance the overall educational experience, foster a sense of camaraderie and school spirit, and contribute to the holistic development of the students.

Astronomical Society

“Exploring the cosmos, together we devians unveil the mysteries of space.”


“Discipline, unity, and courage: Devians Cadet Platoon stands strong, always.”

Eastern Cadet Band

“Harmony marches on, Eastern Cadet Band leads the musical journey.”

Devians Debate Team

“Thoughts collide, voices resonate, Debate Team sparks enlightening conversations.”

Girl Guiding

“Empowering girls, shaping leaders, Girl Guides ignite limitless potential.”

Interact Club

Aspire to Inspire, Interact Club unlocks positive change together.”

Media Unit

”To surpass the reality of perceptive communication, overcoming the tides of orthodoxy.”

Mother Sri Lanka Society

” Responsible citizenship, stand United with utmost National pride.”

Environmental Pioneer

” Nature will protect us, Let’s protect the nature.”

Philatelic Club

“Stamping history, connecting collectors, Philatelic Club celebrates postal treasures.”

Photographic Art Society

“Through lenses we capture moments, Eye of devian frames life’s beauty.”

Quiz Club

“Knowledge sparks, minds compete, Les Quizarables intellectual brilliance.”

Red Cross Society

“Compassion in action, Red Cross Society heals hearts and lives.”


“Empowering communities, transforming lives through selfless acts of giving.”


“UNOESCO: Building bridges, fostering cultures, shaping a united world.”

Senior Western Brass Band

“Resounding excellence, Devians Western Brass Band hits the high notes.”