School Health Society

Library provides a tremendous service doing by expanding a vast knowledge for co curriculum, collecting extra curricular knowledge and  supplying information to attract readers.

Novel ways were paved for the students to attract towards reading after opening the new building for the primary section in the year 2018. Accordingly S.R. Chathuri Madhushika of Grade 7 achieved the gold medal for the best reader in the KALANA MITHURU POTH SUMITHURU programme and she was provided a scholarship for tour in China.

From the primary to Advanced Level students are allowed to use the library and students are permitted to lend books every fort night. 

This year books were bought valid Rupees three hundred and twenty five thousand to the library for students’ usage and are recorded. After having an observation the shabby books were    sold for consolation prices.

Reading Camp was held for students of Grade 6, 7, 8 and 9 in October 2018. Also classroom libraries have been promoted in every class.