The Board of Principals who beautified Princess Malidev from the beginning up to now.


  • Mrs.Hilda Kularathne who was the principal from 25.03.1949 to 06.09.1951
  • Mrs.A.E.C.Dodanwala who was the principal from 06.09.1951 to 04.10.1951 and from 05.01.1953 to 01.05.1953
  • Mrs.Wimala Jayathilake was the principal from 1947 to 1953 and the school displayed several important developments during this period.The school education which was limited only upto grade 7 was uplifted upto senior grades.The establishment of teacher – parent society and aesthetic section were prominently seen services during this period.
  • Mrs.Hema Abeyrathne was the principal from 1953 to 1959 and she pioneered in composing the school anthem,commencing school girl guide society,establishing red cross society,inserting the school emblem into the school tie,beginning the teaching of pottery,viewing and typing.In 1953 the graduate teachers entered the school staff and in 1958 the university entrance classes were started in the arts stream.A prominent milestone in 1959 was the establishment of the old girls’ society.
  • Mrs.Iryne Abeysekara was the principal from 01.01.1959 to 31.12.1964
  • Mrs.Padmini Fonseka principalled the school in 1967 and during her period the formation of eastern and western bands,commencing the little friends society and commencing A/L classes in commerce stream were some vital points.
  • Mrs.Soma Munindradasa was the principal from 1971 – 1975.During her period the building next to the netball court was constructed and intercom was introduced to the school.
  • Mrs.L.G.W.Hewawasam was the principal from 1975 – 1994 and she performed a marvelous service to the school in her quite lengthier time period.In 1975 the classrooms next to the pavilion and a two storey building for the commerce section were constructed.Constructing two storey building nearby the playground,constructing the pavilion (1986), constructing the three storey laboratory,constructing the wall around the school premises were some of the dominating services during the Hewawasam period. By 1979 the number of students were increased upto 2834.The school consisted of 72 classes extending from nursery to A/Ls and an academic staff of 106.
  • Miss.D.C.Halpe who was the acting principal from 09.01.1995 to 10.03.1995
  • Mrs.Sumedha Mudunna who was the acting principal from 09.05.1996 to 12.08.1996
  • Mrs.Y.M.K.Amarasinghe who was the acting principal from 12.08.1996 to 11.05.1998
  • Mrs.Chandra Rathnawali who was the principal from 12.01.1999 to 14.01.2000
  • 13.Mrs.H.R.Senevirathne who was the acting principal from 10.03.1995 to 09.05.1996
  • A prominent development of the school was seen with the arrival of the principal Mrs.K.A.Wajira Kumarihamyin 2005.During her period a plenty of vital tasks were completed such as forming the archaic,constructing the two storey building for the old girls’ association,constructing two canteen buildings,constructing indoor stadium,constructing new pavilion,constructing school main gate,repairing the playground,constructing a three storey building for the primary section,constructing the auditorium and constructing the swimming pool.
  • Mrs.Soma Rathnayake who is the principal from 2012 onwards is performing her duty to her best guiding us towards the winning pole while making the name Malidev glitter in Sri Lanka.She has now completed renewing the school playground,constructing a two storey building with 16 classes,constructing the school main gate with an expenditure of Rs.700000/=,constructing a fully equipped lavatory system and renewing all the buildings of the school.Moreover she is guiding the school towards the victorious results in G.C.E.(O/L) and G.C.E.(A/L)through educational achievements. Further she has paved us the way to win island ranks in national exams and make successful achievements in national and international levels in co-curricular activities.