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Primary Education

Primary education in a school lays the essential groundwork for nurturing a happy and resilient child with a positive personality. The primary sector is equipped with both physical and human resources that are dedicated to achieving this objective effectively.

With the noble goal of fostering well-rounded and compassionate Devians, every first-grade student commences their education amidst the solemn recitation of Seth Pirith, symbolizing the three virtues. Additionally, they actively engage in activities such as sermons, charity initiatives, virtue cultivation, and meditation programs held during the monthly fortnight. These endeavors form an integral part of their schooling experience.

Furthermore, the school places great emphasis on extracurricular and co-curricular activities. These encompass primary section meetings, a student union, World Children’s Day celebrations, art competitions, karate, gymnastics, tennis, swimming, table tennis, environmental initiatives, “Kuda Mituri”, and philatelic society. It is worth noting that these programs function exceptionally well, contributing to the overall development of the students.

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